Between the bodies (September 2001, Central Park, NY) 2023-

Memories blur over time, yet with some effort, I can summon the fascination I experienced twenty-two years ago in Central Park, Manhattan. Captivated by the crowds of people casually (or only pretending to) relax on park lawns just days after 9/11, I felt compelled to photograph these scenes. Today, the images I unearthed from my archive serve as the inspiration and central focus of my new work.

The title of the piece not only literally refers to the bodies in the images and the context they carry but is also inspired by recent horrific events in the Middle East. The repercussions of 9/11, felt worldwide, especially the mistakes that failed to yield a learning effect, remain relevant today.

The word 'between' signifies the distance between the dead and the living, encompassing cultural, political, and even ethnic spaces among us. Finally, 'between' can be perceived as an abyss that divides us in terms of ethics, morality, and humanity.

The project is in progress and includes scanned originals of Fuji 120 slide film.